Play better with or without a casino bonus?

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When it comes to playing with or without a casino bonus, opinions differ. Many players only play with a bonus, the others play almost exclusively without a bonus. From a purely statistical and mathematical point of view, playing without a bonus is better for the player – at least if it is an offer in which the bonus and the deposit have to be implemented. The wagering requirements are usually calculated by the online casinos in such a way that no mass losses occur for the casinos. As described in the “Slot machine payout ratio” guide, a casino has an average house edge of around 5% per game.

Who are bonuses for in online casinos?

If an online casino now awards a 100% welcome bonus of a maximum of € 100, it will determine the wagering requirements so that there are no losses in bulk for the casino. If an online casino earns an average of 5 cents per € 1 spin, players have to spin an average of around 2,000 times to € 1 so that the casino earns € 100. As a result, an online casino will set at least 20 times the turnover as a bonus condition if only the bonus has to be implemented. If bonus and deposit have to be implemented, at least 10 times the turnover. All offers that require lower sales are a minus business for online casinos. In most cases, however, the wagering requirements are twice or three times as high, which is why the player's turnover can only be achieved with luck.

Bonuses in online casinos are usually designed in such a way that players can only generate revenue with luck. Bonuses for which only the bonus has to be implemented and profits from equity can be paid out at any time are always recommended in principle. Nevertheless, it can be annoying if you win a small to medium-sized amount with the bonus and cannot pay out because you did not make the turnover in the end.

Multiple accounts for casino bonus

Bonus offers that require bonus and deposit sales should only be accepted if you are only aiming for large winnings and have no problem losing small to medium-sized winnings. Bonuses are also suitable for players who are not yet familiar with the casino games of the respective online casino and want to test them a little longer without investing too much equity.

It is also forbidden to create multiple player accounts. Here it depends on the online casino and the motive of the player, what consequences the creation of multiple accounts entails.

Most reputable online casinos are accommodating if a player accidentally creates a second account – even if a bonus has been used several times. Of course, this must be logically comprehensible that it was an accident. If, for example, you created an account half a year ago, no longer played there or logged in and then created a second account, it is also logically understandable for the online casino that the second account was not created with the intention of fraudulent bonuses.

Fake accounts

If player accounts are created with completely wrong data, the online casino must not pay out winnings and must close the relevant player account. If a provider does not abide by this rule, they even run the risk of losing their gaming license. Incidentally, you have not yet created a fake account if you accidentally made a mistake when registering, but only if completely incorrect data was given.

Multiple account with self-exclusion

All online casinos offer players the option of voluntarily being excluded from the game. This voluntary lock is mostly used by gamblers to protect themselves from further losses. New accounts of blocked players will be closed by online casinos as soon as they become aware of this account, i.e. at the latest before the first payment. In such cases, it is difficult to get the deposited funds back, winnings will never be paid out to the banned players.

Casino bonus fraud at the online casino or other players

There is always talk of fraud by online casinos. Unfortunately, fraudulent behavior by players is more common. Cheating on table or slot machine games is in principle only possible for players in connection with bonus funds. The simultaneous betting of red and black on roulette to meet the bonus wagering requirements could be seen as a bonus fraud.

But even when playing poker, players can cheat other players by collusion. Good online casinos recognize such attempts at fraud and manipulation and block the players concerned – also to protect other players. Of course, in such cases the stolen money will not be paid out.

Chargebacks as casino bonus

casino bonus

With certain deposit methods, funds can be canceled retrospectively or the money does not arrive at the online casino because the player's account was insufficiently funded. This can also result in profits not being paid out. Pleasant online casinos pay out winnings if the account with the payment provider has been balanced.

Foreign credit card and bank accounts

In order to avoid problems and deeper checks, online casinos should only play with their own money and deposits via third-party accounts and especially third-party credit cards should be avoided. Especially in connection with credit card payments, fraud has often occurred in the past and online casinos usually take a closer look with this payment method.

Suspected money laundering

Online casinos must comply with certain anti-money laundering laws. If money laundering is suspected, online casinos have to hold the funds until the suspicion has been resolved. Such a suspicion could arise, for example, if deposits were frequently made using a Paysafecard and paid out to bank accounts again with little or no gaming.

Money laundering is used by criminal organizations to inject money from criminal acts into the legal financial and economic cycle. Online casinos, like other companies, have to make sure that their offer is not misused for such purposes.

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